We are industry experts

From moulded hi-flo designs to rugged cast iron models we can supply a pump to suit almost every application. Pipeworx has access to a global product portfolio, expanding its range significantly to meet the demands of local customers.

Home & Garden

Onga’s Homemaster range leads the way in providing consumers with product solutions targeted at improving water pressure levels for your home and garden. Typical requirements include pressure systems for household water pressure (Showers, Basins, and Mains Hot Water Systems) rainwater harvesting, and garden irrigation. Features include constant pressure, dual source selection, high pressure and reliability.

Pool Equipment

Why settle for anything less than the best for your swimming pool? Pentair Pool & Spa has a comprehensive range of premium pool products to meet and often exceed the demands of even the most particular pool owner. With a wide range of products, Pentair has a product to suit your requirements. Use the category menu to jump to your required product solution.

Sump & Drainage

Onga offers an extensive range of sump and drainage pumps to suit almost any application. From damp cellars to dairy pits we have it covered. From polypropylene, cast iron through to stainless steel we have it covered.

Pressure Tanks

Onga has a wide range of pressure tanks from light weight steel diaphragm tanks through to fibre wound bladder tanks. Each pressure tank in the Onga range is constructed to store supply water under pressure to provide a buffer for your plumbing or piping, to minimise pump operation time and to maximise pump life.

Industrial / Irrigation / Aquaculture

Onga, Southern Cross and Pentair have a wide array of dependable and robust products we are able to specify for industrial duties. The range of pumps provides a cost efficient means of flow and pressure for all applications. The Southern Cross range of ISO end suction pumps are single-stage, centrifugal volute pumps with axial suction port, radial discharge port and horizontal shaft. Southern Cross ISO pumps are suitable for a variety of applications from pumping potable water to pumping aggressive chemicals.

Rural Water

Onga’s cast iron Farmmaster series of pumps are engineered for ultimate reliability and performance. These pumps give outstanding performance in almost any situation – whatever you need to do with water, you can’t beat an Onga Farmmaster. With cast iron construction and precision engineered internals, Farmmaster pumps are built tough to last in demanding conditions.

Water Transfer

The Onga range of transfer pumps is as diverse as our customers needs. From moulded hi-flo designs to rugged cast iron, Onga has a transfer pump to suit almost every application.

Engine Drive (Fire)

Protecting your property against fire is a high priority within our rural and city edge community. The range of Onga BlazeMaster engine drive fire fighting pumps has been designed specifically for this reason. And for portable water transfer, you can’t go past the Onga BlazeMaster.

Submersible Borehole

Onga Submersible range of pumps continues to set the best practice standard for pumps for borehole use. They incorporate several features that set them apart for use even in rough or aggressive water.